Budapest, 44. Alkotás str.
69., 1525 Hungary
Phone: (36) 1-487-9200

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About TF

Dear Visitors!

You have just entered the website of the University of Physical Education (UPE/TE), formerly the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences (2000-2014) of Semmelweis University, the Hungarian Royal Physical Education College (1925-1945), the Hungarian College of Physical Education (1945-1989) and the Hungarian University of Physical Education (1989-1999).

As we celebrated our 90th anniversary in 2015, a look to our past reveals many changes both in terms of our institutional structure as well as the content of our many programs. One thing has remained constant throughout this 90 years – we have maintained a commitment to our traditions of training physical education teachers and coaches.

We still consider the motto embroidered on the flag of TF our moral giudance.

Unite the mind, the moral, and the power!

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