International Relations Center

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The International Relations Center of the University of Physical Education facilitates all the mobility activities, institutional partnerships, projects and training programs of the students, faculty and international alumni of the UPE community. The IRC serves the internationalization of UPE, all the related processes. We provide mobility services for incoming international and our Hungarian students and faculty, and we promote and represent UPE in the international arena, enhance foreign language training programs and help research-based international collaborations as well. International short term trainings like the NET are also run under IRC supervision, while other foreign language training programs can utilize our services, too. IRC serves the institutional internationalization strategy of the University of Physical Education and we all work for the high quality education, research and foreign learning/working experience opportunities of our students, educators and researchers.

Sincerely, Dr. Judit Kadar

Dr. Judit Kadar | +36-1-487-9240, +36-30-376-6007 | A105 |  | CV1 | CV2

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